Featuring: ILONGGO INASAL in Boracay Island!

“The Real Ilonggo Inasal Taste”

Our objective is to let the Tourists, Workers and Residents savor our home-made Ilonggo Inasal. You don’t need to travel around Panay just to try the Ilonggo Inasal Version. We are here venturing our very own Home-Made Ilonggo Inasal without hampering the Food Safety and Environmental Concerns. I can assure your that our Ilonggo Inasal is “Manamit, Masabor kag Mainit” when it arrives at your door-step. I can deliver your order at your door-step within Boracay Island without you spending any cents from your own pocket. Just an information that ILONGGO INASAL has no physical store where you can visit or dine in. That is why we cater orders for take out only, but who knows with your help we can have our physical store someday! (Crossed Fingers) Due to this pandemic, we have no job and we cannot afford to rent a place for physical store, so, we are a home-base small business people, our market is just through our social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It is hard to sell because most of the people trust only the famous and has physical store, but we are thankful to all our friends who supported us with our new venture. We are wishing that you and our friends are gonna order at least once a week.

For those who are interested to order our very own Ilonggo Inasal, you can order through these options:

  1. Call us on mobile: 09178827933
  2. Message us on Facebook Page: Your Boracay Guide
  3. Lastly, you can just click this link, our Online Order Form-Ilonggo Inasal

You can make an Order anytime from 9 in the morning up to our last order 7 in the evening, However, we still prefer that you will order a day before your preferred date of delivery, so that we can make it available and fresh for you. We only prepare limited stocks because we have a small refrigerator, products cannot stay longer in a room temperature or a small fridge as food safety and quality sake.

For the payment methods, you can request for COD, G-Cash, PayMaya or Bank Transfer, it’s up to you.

Here’s our Ilonggo Inasal Menu:GROUP PACKAGES:


  • 4 sticks of PAK-PAK | p220
  • 3 pcs of PAA | p255
  • 3 pcs of PECHO | p270
  • 10 sticks of PORK INASAL | p350
  • 5 sticks of ATAY | p175
  • 5 sticks of BATICULON | p175
  • 5 sticks of ISOL | p175


  • PAK-PAK with RICE | p120
  • PAA with RICE | p95
  • PECHO with RICE | p105
  • PORK INASAL with RICE | p80

We wish we could receive a message from you inquiring about our Ilonggo Inasal products, “The Real Ilonggo Inasal Taste”. Please drop by on our page at Your Boracay Guide to check our very own products.

Note: This project is under the effort of OC VIA VITAE (LifeStyle) Boracay with DTI BN No.: 1724840 and TIN: 497-216-905-000. This is all online transactions based on Boracay Island.

Check Products & Availability Here or Call us directly on this # 09178827933. Thank you!!!

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