Air Force Reserve Supports Senior Citizens: Gift Giving Activity_17.08.19


Coach RM Lobaton in collaboration with 52nd Air Force Group Reserve conducted the very first project in Paloc Sool Dumangas, Iloilo in recognizing our elders with the theme, “ PAGGALANG SA MAY GULANG”. This activity focuses on showing LOVE, CARE and RESPECT to our Elderly through a gift-giving and by honoring them as senior citizens. Thought to give back a little gift from God to the neediest senior citizens. They were also entertained by singing old folk songs for them to reminisce the past.


Have you tried to remember your old happy days? It’s a therapy that can help them smile and a sort of activity that can trigger their pulse by smiling and enjoying this moment. Smiling serves as a healthy and natural healing power. Just imagine that your Lola is one of them joining this activity? It’s a big healthy gathering of old people. Only old people can understand old sentiments. Smiling makes you feeling better and can heal everything within you. Well, it’s something that can make them live longer and better. How good is that?


I am doing this for a reason, they are my community, they are my family. I am not a rich person but at least kahit isang araw lang man, naging bahagi sila ng aking buhay.

During the event, I just thank all my benefactors when I was in the seminary and all the people who have shared on my schooling. I also said a little reflection to the crowd, the senior citizens. I have shared it because I have experienced it and I have learned a lot from it. This is the reason why I was molded and raised well by my parents and elderly Friends. “Mga Lola at Lolo, while you’re still in your right mind, can still stand up, can still speak up well, habang hindi kapa inutil, spend time to share your experiences and learnings in life with your grandchildren. I believe they will listen and they will remember your sharing and your piece of advice. And I believe your sons and daughters will no longer listen to you kasi most of them are hardheaded! So spend time with your grandchildren! Just try it when you go home. You know why I said so? I have learned a lot from lola, my lola did not even graduate an elementary, but with hard working that she has done for her family, I do salute her. Waking up early in the morning, just to harvest shells or “bagungon” in the fishpond and sell it to different towns or anywhere that she can sell it, just to convert it into cash and to buy food for her family. She sells seasonal fruits and breads at the supermarket every day.

Were you able to ask yourself why she is doing it? Because she wanted to survive, she does not want to be dependent on her family. But ask her, why she’s still helping other people who begged help from her? Because her heart is for the community, to have peace in mind every day and above all, showing love and care to other people is just like, showing the same to GOD. Now, Mga lolo and lola, Go home and share your experiences and learnings with your grandchildren.”

I hope to continue this project next year and I hope that there will be people who’re willing to support this financially or via goods. With all my heart, Thank you for being there for me.

-Coach RM-


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