On April 19 to 21, 2018, the 12th Boracay International Dragon Boat was held at the world’s famous Island of Boracay. Everyone was so excited to witness who will win and bring the bacon back home among those international and local groups for dragon boat. Boracay BeachFront in station 3 was full of the audience coming from different countries. Would you believe that the beach was occupied, not just the dragon boat players but with the people from all walks of life. You can really feel the yelling, excitements, and energy when you were standing in the middle of the crowd. You won’t really regret spending your money and time, just to be in this dragon boat festival. It is very amazing that the objective of this competition was met, “to promote the best and beautiful white powdery sands of Boracay Island. – as mentioned by Sarge Ferdinand”


On the other side, International dragon boat festival left the best memories in the mind and heart of the native, local and foreign tourists before the Boracay Closure for 6 months. Boracay Closure as declared by President Duterte focuses on the total rehabilitation of the Island, to bring back to its natural beauty, the greenery ambiance of the Island. So, the Dragon Boat Festival is really helping promote the famous island, to be more and more popular. That Boracay Island is not choosing visitors, but welcoming all to experience only the best, the best Boracay.

Who are the highlighted teams in this competition? Of course, Philippine Air Force Reserve Boracay – Dragon Boat Team is the most awaited team to retain the position, being the champion and the gold bearer.

How did it start anyway? The Air Force Dragon Boat team was organized on October 2013 during the conduct of the Unit Active Duty Training (UADT) of the 52nd Philippine Air Force Reserve in Boracay Island under the stewardship of Major Alben Natividad as a group commander. The team consists of the mighty young men and women who were molded with proper discipline, camaraderie, teamwork, sense of Nationalism and as citizen-soldier ready to respond to any emergencies and as primary partners of the regular force in the nation building.


The Air Force Team is prepared enough to provide a classic competition along with other local and international groups with their rigid training and commitment as a team. The year 2018 has been a great year for the Philippine Air Force Reserve in Boracay with numerous meaningful events and civic activities.


I approached and asked Sarge Ferdinand, one of the members, why should I attend and join the Dragon Boat Festival in Boracay, what’s in it? He proudly says that “Dragon Boat Festival in Boracay is a very unique and amazing event celebrated yearly,” he pointed out the possible reasons, “and because of the location; safe and its white powdery sands, very accessible to the spectators, the hospitality; the accommodations, food, and friendship with the organizers, and the most amazing one is the warmest welcome of the local paddlers for the foreign paddlers, and of course,” with smiling face, “the unforgettable party til’ morning dawn.”

As the word “international” dragon boat festival, I am exposing here the local and foreign groups who joined the competition:

Foreign Groups; 1) Maroochy Sea Serpents Australia 2)Rockin’ Rats Australia 3)Concord Flying Dragons Canada 4)Guangzhou Team Dragons China 5) Nantong Dragons Ass’n China 6) WannSea Dragon Berlin, Germany 7) Mushu Disneyland Hongkong 8) Smugz Hongkong 9) Random Jaffas New Zealand 10) Balasador Singapore 11) Filipino Dragons Singapore 12) Friends Singapo 13) Huat AH,,, Sungapore 14) KPMG,Singapore 15) Singapore Barbarians 16) 5 Star Sharks United Kingdom 17)Team DNA,USA 18) X-GENERALS USA 19) Crossbone USA 20) Stormy Dragons Hongkong 21) Dubai warrior Dragon .Dubai

Local Groups: 1)Alab dragons del Sur, Davao,Phils 2)Cebu Dragons 3)APP,Davao 4)Cebu Pink Paddler 5)DLSU green Dragons 6)Manila Blazing Paddles 7)Manil Wave Paddlers Club 8)PADS adaptive 9)Pyros

10)Phil. Tiger Shark 11)Seahawks PH 12)United 192513)UP Dragon team 14)Phil. Warriors 15)Boracy Allstar 16)Boracay Bum Shells 17)Boracay Sea Dragons 18)Nami Ati Boracay 19)Boracay Air force

As the one who live and work here in Boracay Island, and my source of income is coming from Boracay, I am proud to say that these teams are amazing and I will always welcome them in Paradise. Take also into consideration on the full support of other team members of PAFR – Boracay that expressed their help through prayers, moral support and sharing food such as hard-boiled eggs, bananas, watermelons and energy drinks that can sustain Airforce paddlers to be on the right track emotionally, spiritually and physically.


On April 24, 2018, they celebrated the awarding and party night.


I am exposing again the achievements they got from the competition:

For the Plate race: 1)500m=Champion 2)250m=Champion

For Standard full boat race: 1)500m=Champion 2)250m=Champion

For the Small boat race: 1) Team C – 500m=3rd place 2) Team C – 250m = 4th place


I did not hesitate to ask Sarge Ferdinand about who are the persons involved in this success? Since it is an Airforce group, most of the members are Active Air Force Reserve in Boracay, as follows:

1)Ssgt Richard Eyoyo 2)Sgt Ferdie Morera 3)Sgt Jelvin Casidsid 4)A1C Bermie Dequina 5)A1C Rocky Visca

6)A1C Regie Aurelio 7)A1C Christopher Gelito 8)A1C Wency Bersaba 9)A2C Andy Yap 10)A2C Elde Yap

11)A2C Elton Candolita 12)A2C Jay Columbres 13)A2C Jeffrey Pangantihon 14A2C Ivan Paul Ibanez 15)A2C Jonas Lepon


I can always say that the success of the group is always the success of the leading Squadron Group Commander Honey Paredes and her very active and supportive ass’t SGC Major Alben Natividad. Congratulations Team Air Force Boracay! I believe it is not the last competition that you will have, I believe that successors will always follow your great path. Air Force Reserve stands as inspirations to the children of today. Please continue inspiring us and keep up the good work. As I always say, “If I am not going to start right now; Who will start? When will I start? So, take the initiative to spread the good news and happiness!

Once again congratulations team!!!!

Written by A1C RM QUINIA LOBATON AK-T14-014502 PAFR

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