What is Determination?

Determination Workshop

This photo speaks about sharing of opportunity and success to everyone! 😉

And generally, my opinion is…🙏

Determination: No one can stop you to success! Do not be afraid of failure and those insecure persons around you (inggit langyan). There is always people like that along the way, but remember, they are just 10% of your life, the 90% of your life is being empowered by yourself and you alone can control it.


All I can say for those people who [are always against my way] make me as an apple of their eyes, “WHO YOU!” 🤗🤩hehehe I am thankful that you made me strong, firm and motivated. I am 100% taking care of my way to success. For everybody, please note that success is not just for one (solo) but it should be for everyone. Helping one another will make everything [or all challenges] light and easy!

Let us together aim for success because we are one!


Sponsored by Belle Bette Boracay. For Order, you may visit this facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bellebetteboracay/ or call/ text this number 09178827933

1. Anita Monro

2. Kim Cathedral

3. Coach RM Lobaton

Location: Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort

#coachRM #bellebetteboracay #ccmagiccream

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