Quiet and Relaxation

While everyone’s perfect vacation will be unique, it is fair to say that a trip with some excitement and some relaxation would be part your ideal getaway.


Cocoloco Boracay offers you the perfect spot to relax and just chill while being only a short walk to the nightlife and other attractions that make a Boracay vacation so special.

Cocoloco Boracay is located south of Station 3 (in the old days the boats used to drop visitors along front beach at one of 3 locations.  Station 3 was the southern most (first) stop).   Due to a steep hill that runs along the southern part of White Beach, the development of this area is much more restricted and limited in depth than the areas around Stations 1 & 2.  Less development, fewer resorts and not nearly the crowds that frequent the northern part of the beach.  If sunbathing or just swimming in the placid, blue waters along the beach is part of a perfect day, nowhere will you find a more comfortable location than at Cocoloco Boracay.

Cocoloco Boracay offers rooms with gorgeous ocean views as well as accommodations that appeal to those seeking beautiful surroundings and the quiet of nature.   The Coconut, Narra and Molave rooms are located just 50 meters from the beach but are nestled in one of the prettiest gardens on the island.  Away from the noise of the beachfront, these rooms offer a unique place to relax and unwind, to really appreciate just getting away from it all.

Website: http://www.cocolocoboracay.com

Written by: Jay Lavigne