Letter to Environmental Warriors!

I hope all is well!

As a support to the Environmental issues of Boracay Island and to establishment’s representative so that they may be refreshed and to understand more on how to fill out the SMR or Self- Monitoring Report and CMR or Compliance Monitoring Report. We are inviting all the PCO Boracay registered members to please join us for our “Exclusive Pollution Control Officers Refresher Course Training for SMR / CMR REPORT FOR April 2019.

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Training Details:

WHEN: March 14, 2019, Thursday
TIME: 01:30 PM
WHERE: Conference Room, Astoria Current, Station 1, Boracay Island
ORGANIZED BY: PCO Officers with the assistance of EMB Personnel
SPEAKER/TRAINER: Chief Engr. Agustin L. Brotarlo Jr. of Astoria Current

The main gist of this refresher course is on how to property and accurately fill out the module accurately based on the actual data gathered from the covered months of the quarter. One serious act of change is to realize the value of our job as PCO/MH of the establishment, we are playing a very essential role in the future. Now, accept your duties and responsibilities as part of our changing world. Be a PCO by the act, not by the title!

In line with, we will submit our SMR First Quarter on April 15, 2019.

Question: Who are those entitled to avail the Refresher Course Program?
Answer: PCO official members of the group with the membership fee pre-payment of Php 200.00 and (Php300.00 for the PCO T-shirt [Optional]).

How to avail the Refresher Program?
1. Accomplish the online PCO Boracay Group registration form. You can download it at this link: http://bit.ly/PCO-ONLINE-REGISTRATION-FROM

2. Give the Membership fee of Php 200.00  to the PCO Boracay Group Treasurer, Mz. Elvie De la Cruz of G Executive Hotel with contact Number +63 (36) 390-2016 / +63 (36) 288-3300 or see the location on this link: http://bit.ly/G-EXECUTIVE-HOTEL-LOCATION-CONTACT
Since we have announced the membership filing and fee since last year, so, we are giving a deadline for the registration until March 07, 2019 12noon.


1. Bring your own ballpen and notebook
2. Print out and bring your own Module 1-6. Downloadable from PCO Boracay Group Page

3. Copy of Electric bills for the months of December 2018, January and February 2019
4. Copy of Hazwaste Certificate
5. Copy of Permit To Operate
6. Copy of Hazardous Waste number list (ex. HW D406 for busted bulb)
7. Copy of Water bills for the months of December 2018, January and February 2019

We will send an official invitation to your provided email address, kindly confirm your attendance through email.

We look forward to seeing you there!





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Human Resource: Inclusivity Talk With Future Doctors!

It’s a great pleasure to be part of your experience, from now on, I really believe that you will never forget me either I have good or bad impact on your life as your resource speaker. Thank you for letting me get into your life. And I declare, I am now part of your HISTORY!

The preparation was a great challenge for me in order to give an inspirational and educational message. This speaking engagement is not all about giving you a theory on how things will happen but I am sharing on what is happening on the ground. I know you are molding students and those students are the hope of the future in the name of progress. They will be the future employees or managers of the quality establishments. So, your role is not that easy like other people think, your role is fundamental in the life of your students. Good luck in your profession.

Inclusivity (7)

To all Doctoral Students and especially to Doctor Maribel B. Dunton, DBM-THM, professor, DMgt-THM 802, thank you for inviting me as one of your Resource Speakers on the topic, “Promoting Inclusivity in Human Resource Development during the Seminar on International Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry held on February 24, 2019 at Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. It’s such a great honor to receive a Certificate of Recognition from Central Philippine University (CPU), College of Business and Accountancy, Graduate School on Doctor of Management Major in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Jaro, Iloilo City.

Always remember that if you want to achieve your goal in the company or in your life, you have to have your own “System” and this will be bundled with great positive attitude through implementation. Then, congratulations!

Indeed, life is a matter of perspectives!

-Coach RM-

What is Determination?

Determination Workshop

This photo speaks about sharing of opportunity and success to everyone! 😉

And generally, my opinion is…🙏

Determination: No one can stop you to success! Do not be afraid of failure and those insecure persons around you (inggit langyan). There is always people like that along the way, but remember, they are just 10% of your life, the 90% of your life is being empowered by yourself and you alone can control it.


All I can say for those people who [are always against my way] make me as an apple of their eyes, “WHO YOU!” 🤗🤩hehehe I am thankful that you made me strong, firm and motivated. I am 100% taking care of my way to success. For everybody, please note that success is not just for one (solo) but it should be for everyone. Helping one another will make everything [or all challenges] light and easy!

Let us together aim for success because we are one!


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March Madness


Late evening, I was walking on the beach while there was a little bit of rain, when I reached the quiet place at Station 3 – Angol. I suddenly glanced at my left side and noticed there were young people and foreigners’ chilling and dancing. I was intrigued by those laughs and enjoying sounds.







When I got in, they welcomed me with warm greetings and smiles as they expressed, “Sir, join us here!”. Though I was definitely intrigued by it I hesitated at first, considering the fact I don’t know how to dance, all I can probably do is drink and socialize with them.


We ended up partying in one of the bars in Boracay where we can only communicate through shouting.


I loved the place, the greenery ambience and the commitment to preserve and sustain Boracay Island as it was, was being valued.


I tried to walk from Diniwid, Station 1 to Station 3 – Angol, and only in this place has the best beachfront spot, full of plants and trees, a native bar, a quiet hideaway away from crowded, noisy places.


This newly found place of mine, but existed since 1979, values the essence of quietness where quality people stayed. Only in Boracay, only this in all places in Boracay. Well, I am proud to be part of this place, Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort | Bar and Restaurant is where you can still feel the laidback ambience of Boracay plus having big and clean rooms, an international cuisine and best drinks ever from their Bar and Restaurant.


I enjoyed their WEDNESDAY MADNESS PROMO where everybody was chilling and dancing on the beach and me seeing the happiness in their faces. I can really feel the real family, the real hospitality with them, with the staff and their quality guests.


To give you more details about this event and place. Chill and Dance on the Beach as they call it “Wednesday Madness” in collaboration of Mr. Haydeen Bandiola’s 56th Birthday.


To highlight the event, Cocoloco Boracay is extending the Happy Hour | Buy One-Take One until 9 in the evening plus giving away Free Appetizers when purchase reaches the amount of p1,000.00 from the Happy Hour Menu.


Wednesday Madness is available every Wednesday and dancing performance is every month. You may try to come at Cocoloco to bond and have a quality time with family and friends. I am assuring you that you won’t regret staying and chilling in Cocoloco Boracay. Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort has 12 quality rooms with Beach View and Garden View.


Their Bar and restaurant can cater up to 80 people, most of the interior is made out of hard wood; it looks like you’re really a local when you are in this place. I am telling you one secret, but after this it will be public. You may get an additional 10% on your bill if you have your VIP card. To get a VIP card, you need to approach one of their staff, so that the Manager can give it to you personally. Other than that, if you book directly through their Hotel Website, you may use a promo code, “specialfriend” to break an additional discount and other perks that come along with it. See more promotions here. Alas, I have shared a lot with you now, excuse me for a while, I am gonna continue my journey, and see you next time. All I can say is, “YOU SHOULD BE HERE” at Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort | Bar and Restaurant.


I am RM at your service! Thank you for the time and effort to understand my article. (“ ,)


The most important is I love you all! ( “ ,)

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Written By: RM Q. LOBATON


Quiet and Relaxation

While everyone’s perfect vacation will be unique, it is fair to say that a trip with some excitement and some relaxation would be part your ideal getaway.


Cocoloco Boracay offers you the perfect spot to relax and just chill while being only a short walk to the nightlife and other attractions that make a Boracay vacation so special.

Cocoloco Boracay is located south of Station 3 (in the old days the boats used to drop visitors along front beach at one of 3 locations.  Station 3 was the southern most (first) stop).   Due to a steep hill that runs along the southern part of White Beach, the development of this area is much more restricted and limited in depth than the areas around Stations 1 & 2.  Less development, fewer resorts and not nearly the crowds that frequent the northern part of the beach.  If sunbathing or just swimming in the placid, blue waters along the beach is part of a perfect day, nowhere will you find a more comfortable location than at Cocoloco Boracay.

Cocoloco Boracay offers rooms with gorgeous ocean views as well as accommodations that appeal to those seeking beautiful surroundings and the quiet of nature.   The Coconut, Narra and Molave rooms are located just 50 meters from the beach but are nestled in one of the prettiest gardens on the island.  Away from the noise of the beachfront, these rooms offer a unique place to relax and unwind, to really appreciate just getting away from it all.

Website: http://www.cocolocoboracay.com

Written by: Jay Lavigne

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