Explore the Only Castle Inspired Hotel Resort in the Philippines

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Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort is the perfect choice if you are aiming for quality and satisfaction in terms of accommodation.

Located at the southern part of Boracay Island, it is the only castle type hotel resort in the Island with amazing activities.

Lingganay is not your typical hotel. It has well designed spacious rooms with amenities and facilities that would surely make your stay comfortable and memorable

  • Be amazed with the uniqueness of Lingganay hotel. It is the only hotel in the island that has castle-like structure that will make you feel like royalty.
  • Free Shuttle service – our shuttle service can bring you to the center of Boracay, D’mall or Station 2 in approximately 5 to 8 minutes.
  • It’s best to have your coffee or cocktail at Lingganay`s Lowest dome, where every sip is nostalgic as you watch the whole mainland, Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, Magic Island, and Windmill. You can see guests are enjoying the famous snorkeling area, the Crocodile Island, and of course, the majestic and magical view of nature.
  • Lingganay’s highest dome has a 360-degrees full view of the beautiful Boracay Island, Romblon Island, Sibuyan Island (Clear Cloud) and Keyhole. It is the next famous highest point in Boracay after the legendary highest point, Mount Luho.
  • Get closer to nature through the presence of approximately hundred fifty different species of plant, trees and flowers at Petty’s garden.
  • You can privately access the Petty Beach or known as Lingganay Beach which is less crowded and even visit “Lingganay cave”, the famous bell-shaped cave during low tide according to the old people in Manocmanoc.
  • You may book a private set up for a romantic dinner, proposal dinner or to just enjoy family get-together by the beach or at the viewing deck, restaurant roof deck and dome.
  • Great conversations are most enjoyed with good food and drinks. Spend satisfaction guaranteed quality time at Felsenkeller bar and restaurant. Experience giving free one round of drinks to the people in the bar when you dare to ring the bell. Take note, one bell, one round of drinks. You may have a chance to check out antique furnitures (cabinet) for more than hundred-fifty years of age delivered direct from Germany. Visit the underground rock and have a chance to take a photo with the sword on the rock surrounded by statues of middle-age soldiers (armor) like King Arthur.
  • Don’t miss Romantic Cliff (the sunrise and sunset). You may enjoy viewing the beautiful sunrise while having Cup of coffee and the striking sunset while bonding with your loved ones, family or friends. This is also a very romantic place for proposals. From the cliff, you may also enjoy the view of the mangroves and the Bulabog kite surfing activities (during kite season)
  • Art lovers will definitely love the gallery where amazing paintings by the famous writer and professional artist Mr JOE RILEY are on exhibit.
  • We promote health and wellness. We have a private gym so you can stay fit even on vacation or work from the beach.
  • You can ride around with a guide on our golf cart for atleast 10-15 minutes around Lingganay Boracay and learn more about approximately 1.5 hectare property. Golf cart is the best mode of transportation while sightseeing to experience up-close the instagrammable landscaping and unique design of each villa.
  • Luxurious Rooms. You will surely feel comfortable in the spacious rooms with sizes ranging from approximately 35-180 sq. with king size beds, kitchen, living room and hot and cold shower, split type-aircon. Cable-Tv, Wi-Fi access, wooden furniture, huge balcony, huge bathroom and mini refrigerator. Dining tables are also available in some of the rooms.
  • Conference Room. You may hold a meeting or celebrate parties in our conference room that can accommodate approximately 50 people.
  • As the only castle hotel resort in the island. Pictorials for pre-nuptials, weddings, birthdays or any special occasion will definitely stand out with the  venue’s sophisticated atmosphere and rich history.
  • Bike tour hub for all Unisikad Boracay Association in partnership with the DOT where all the bikers can have a packed of “coffee+bread” in the restaurant or viewing deck.

Salt-water Infinity pool. Enjoy the biggest pool in the island and approximately 6 ft from the ground. It is very nice to play with the bubbles.

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Featuring: ILONGGO INASAL in Boracay Island!

“The Real Ilonggo Inasal Taste”

Our objective is to let the Tourists, Workers and Residents savor our home-made Ilonggo Inasal. You don’t need to travel around Panay just to try the Ilonggo Inasal Version. We are here venturing our very own Home-Made Ilonggo Inasal without hampering the Food Safety and Environmental Concerns. I can assure your that our Ilonggo Inasal is “Manamit, Masabor kag Mainit” when it arrives at your door-step. I can deliver your order at your door-step within Boracay Island without you spending any cents from your own pocket. Just an information that ILONGGO INASAL has no physical store where you can visit or dine in. That is why we cater orders for take out only, but who knows with your help we can have our physical store someday! (Crossed Fingers) Due to this pandemic, we have no job and we cannot afford to rent a place for physical store, so, we are a home-base small business people, our market is just through our social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It is hard to sell because most of the people trust only the famous and has physical store, but we are thankful to all our friends who supported us with our new venture. We are wishing that you and our friends are gonna order at least once a week.

For those who are interested to order our very own Ilonggo Inasal, you can order through these options:

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You can make an Order anytime from 9 in the morning up to our last order 7 in the evening, However, we still prefer that you will order a day before your preferred date of delivery, so that we can make it available and fresh for you. We only prepare limited stocks because we have a small refrigerator, products cannot stay longer in a room temperature or a small fridge as food safety and quality sake.

For the payment methods, you can request for COD, G-Cash, PayMaya or Bank Transfer, it’s up to you.

Here’s our Ilonggo Inasal Menu:GROUP PACKAGES:


  • 4 sticks of PAK-PAK | p220
  • 3 pcs of PAA | p255
  • 3 pcs of PECHO | p270
  • 10 sticks of PORK INASAL | p350
  • 5 sticks of ATAY | p175
  • 5 sticks of BATICULON | p175
  • 5 sticks of ISOL | p175


  • PAK-PAK with RICE | p120
  • PAA with RICE | p95
  • PECHO with RICE | p105
  • PORK INASAL with RICE | p80

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Now Open for Take Out | Cocoloco Bar & Restaurant

Look: Cocoloco Boracay Bar and Restaurant is now OPEN for TAKE OUT.

Take out 1

How to order?

Call: 0362883028 or 09281813019

Facebook: m.me/cocolocoboracay

Here’s the Affordable menu at this time of Covid-19 Pandemic

Take out 2

How to claim your order:

You can drop by and pick it up at Cocoloco Bar and Restaurant at Beachfront Angol, Manocmanoc, Boracay Island or we can deliver your order door to door.

Order now!

Air Force Reserve Supports Senior Citizens: Gift Giving Activity_17.08.19


Coach RM Lobaton in collaboration with 52nd Air Force Group Reserve conducted the very first project in Paloc Sool Dumangas, Iloilo in recognizing our elders with the theme, “ PAGGALANG SA MAY GULANG”. This activity focuses on showing LOVE, CARE and RESPECT to our Elderly through a gift-giving and by honoring them as senior citizens. Thought to give back a little gift from God to the neediest senior citizens. They were also entertained by singing old folk songs for them to reminisce the past.


Have you tried to remember your old happy days? It’s a therapy that can help them smile and a sort of activity that can trigger their pulse by smiling and enjoying this moment. Smiling serves as a healthy and natural healing power. Just imagine that your Lola is one of them joining this activity? It’s a big healthy gathering of old people. Only old people can understand old sentiments. Smiling makes you feeling better and can heal everything within you. Well, it’s something that can make them live longer and better. How good is that?


I am doing this for a reason, they are my community, they are my family. I am not a rich person but at least kahit isang araw lang man, naging bahagi sila ng aking buhay.

During the event, I just thank all my benefactors when I was in the seminary and all the people who have shared on my schooling. I also said a little reflection to the crowd, the senior citizens. I have shared it because I have experienced it and I have learned a lot from it. This is the reason why I was molded and raised well by my parents and elderly Friends. “Mga Lola at Lolo, while you’re still in your right mind, can still stand up, can still speak up well, habang hindi kapa inutil, spend time to share your experiences and learnings in life with your grandchildren. I believe they will listen and they will remember your sharing and your piece of advice. And I believe your sons and daughters will no longer listen to you kasi most of them are hardheaded! So spend time with your grandchildren! Just try it when you go home. You know why I said so? I have learned a lot from lola, my lola did not even graduate an elementary, but with hard working that she has done for her family, I do salute her. Waking up early in the morning, just to harvest shells or “bagungon” in the fishpond and sell it to different towns or anywhere that she can sell it, just to convert it into cash and to buy food for her family. She sells seasonal fruits and breads at the supermarket every day.

Were you able to ask yourself why she is doing it? Because she wanted to survive, she does not want to be dependent on her family. But ask her, why she’s still helping other people who begged help from her? Because her heart is for the community, to have peace in mind every day and above all, showing love and care to other people is just like, showing the same to GOD. Now, Mga lolo and lola, Go home and share your experiences and learnings with your grandchildren.”

I hope to continue this project next year and I hope that there will be people who’re willing to support this financially or via goods. With all my heart, Thank you for being there for me.

-Coach RM-



On April 19 to 21, 2018, the 12th Boracay International Dragon Boat was held at the world’s famous Island of Boracay. Everyone was so excited to witness who will win and bring the bacon back home among those international and local groups for dragon boat. Boracay BeachFront in station 3 was full of the audience coming from different countries. Would you believe that the beach was occupied, not just the dragon boat players but with the people from all walks of life. You can really feel the yelling, excitements, and energy when you were standing in the middle of the crowd. You won’t really regret spending your money and time, just to be in this dragon boat festival. It is very amazing that the objective of this competition was met, “to promote the best and beautiful white powdery sands of Boracay Island. – as mentioned by Sarge Ferdinand”


On the other side, International dragon boat festival left the best memories in the mind and heart of the native, local and foreign tourists before the Boracay Closure for 6 months. Boracay Closure as declared by President Duterte focuses on the total rehabilitation of the Island, to bring back to its natural beauty, the greenery ambiance of the Island. So, the Dragon Boat Festival is really helping promote the famous island, to be more and more popular. That Boracay Island is not choosing visitors, but welcoming all to experience only the best, the best Boracay.

Who are the highlighted teams in this competition? Of course, Philippine Air Force Reserve Boracay – Dragon Boat Team is the most awaited team to retain the position, being the champion and the gold bearer.

How did it start anyway? The Air Force Dragon Boat team was organized on October 2013 during the conduct of the Unit Active Duty Training (UADT) of the 52nd Philippine Air Force Reserve in Boracay Island under the stewardship of Major Alben Natividad as a group commander. The team consists of the mighty young men and women who were molded with proper discipline, camaraderie, teamwork, sense of Nationalism and as citizen-soldier ready to respond to any emergencies and as primary partners of the regular force in the nation building.


The Air Force Team is prepared enough to provide a classic competition along with other local and international groups with their rigid training and commitment as a team. The year 2018 has been a great year for the Philippine Air Force Reserve in Boracay with numerous meaningful events and civic activities.


I approached and asked Sarge Ferdinand, one of the members, why should I attend and join the Dragon Boat Festival in Boracay, what’s in it? He proudly says that “Dragon Boat Festival in Boracay is a very unique and amazing event celebrated yearly,” he pointed out the possible reasons, “and because of the location; safe and its white powdery sands, very accessible to the spectators, the hospitality; the accommodations, food, and friendship with the organizers, and the most amazing one is the warmest welcome of the local paddlers for the foreign paddlers, and of course,” with smiling face, “the unforgettable party til’ morning dawn.”

As the word “international” dragon boat festival, I am exposing here the local and foreign groups who joined the competition:

Foreign Groups; 1) Maroochy Sea Serpents Australia 2)Rockin’ Rats Australia 3)Concord Flying Dragons Canada 4)Guangzhou Team Dragons China 5) Nantong Dragons Ass’n China 6) WannSea Dragon Berlin, Germany 7) Mushu Disneyland Hongkong 8) Smugz Hongkong 9) Random Jaffas New Zealand 10) Balasador Singapore 11) Filipino Dragons Singapore 12) Friends Singapo 13) Huat AH,,, Sungapore 14) KPMG,Singapore 15) Singapore Barbarians 16) 5 Star Sharks United Kingdom 17)Team DNA,USA 18) X-GENERALS USA 19) Crossbone USA 20) Stormy Dragons Hongkong 21) Dubai warrior Dragon .Dubai

Local Groups: 1)Alab dragons del Sur, Davao,Phils 2)Cebu Dragons 3)APP,Davao 4)Cebu Pink Paddler 5)DLSU green Dragons 6)Manila Blazing Paddles 7)Manil Wave Paddlers Club 8)PADS adaptive 9)Pyros

10)Phil. Tiger Shark 11)Seahawks PH 12)United 192513)UP Dragon team 14)Phil. Warriors 15)Boracy Allstar 16)Boracay Bum Shells 17)Boracay Sea Dragons 18)Nami Ati Boracay 19)Boracay Air force

As the one who live and work here in Boracay Island, and my source of income is coming from Boracay, I am proud to say that these teams are amazing and I will always welcome them in Paradise. Take also into consideration on the full support of other team members of PAFR – Boracay that expressed their help through prayers, moral support and sharing food such as hard-boiled eggs, bananas, watermelons and energy drinks that can sustain Airforce paddlers to be on the right track emotionally, spiritually and physically.


On April 24, 2018, they celebrated the awarding and party night.


I am exposing again the achievements they got from the competition:

For the Plate race: 1)500m=Champion 2)250m=Champion

For Standard full boat race: 1)500m=Champion 2)250m=Champion

For the Small boat race: 1) Team C – 500m=3rd place 2) Team C – 250m = 4th place


I did not hesitate to ask Sarge Ferdinand about who are the persons involved in this success? Since it is an Airforce group, most of the members are Active Air Force Reserve in Boracay, as follows:

1)Ssgt Richard Eyoyo 2)Sgt Ferdie Morera 3)Sgt Jelvin Casidsid 4)A1C Bermie Dequina 5)A1C Rocky Visca

6)A1C Regie Aurelio 7)A1C Christopher Gelito 8)A1C Wency Bersaba 9)A2C Andy Yap 10)A2C Elde Yap

11)A2C Elton Candolita 12)A2C Jay Columbres 13)A2C Jeffrey Pangantihon 14A2C Ivan Paul Ibanez 15)A2C Jonas Lepon


I can always say that the success of the group is always the success of the leading Squadron Group Commander Honey Paredes and her very active and supportive ass’t SGC Major Alben Natividad. Congratulations Team Air Force Boracay! I believe it is not the last competition that you will have, I believe that successors will always follow your great path. Air Force Reserve stands as inspirations to the children of today. Please continue inspiring us and keep up the good work. As I always say, “If I am not going to start right now; Who will start? When will I start? So, take the initiative to spread the good news and happiness!

Once again congratulations team!!!!

Written by A1C RM QUINIA LOBATON AK-T14-014502 PAFR

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Letter to Environmental Warriors!

I hope all is well!

As a support to the Environmental issues of Boracay Island and to establishment’s representative so that they may be refreshed and to understand more on how to fill out the SMR or Self- Monitoring Report and CMR or Compliance Monitoring Report. We are inviting all the PCO Boracay registered members to please join us for our “Exclusive Pollution Control Officers Refresher Course Training for SMR / CMR REPORT FOR April 2019.

PCO Official Activity Banner
Training Details:

WHEN: March 14, 2019, Thursday
TIME: 01:30 PM
WHERE: Conference Room, Astoria Current, Station 1, Boracay Island
ORGANIZED BY: PCO Officers with the assistance of EMB Personnel
SPEAKER/TRAINER: Chief Engr. Agustin L. Brotarlo Jr. of Astoria Current

The main gist of this refresher course is on how to property and accurately fill out the module accurately based on the actual data gathered from the covered months of the quarter. One serious act of change is to realize the value of our job as PCO/MH of the establishment, we are playing a very essential role in the future. Now, accept your duties and responsibilities as part of our changing world. Be a PCO by the act, not by the title!

In line with, we will submit our SMR First Quarter on April 15, 2019.

Question: Who are those entitled to avail the Refresher Course Program?
Answer: PCO official members of the group with the membership fee pre-payment of Php 200.00 and (Php300.00 for the PCO T-shirt [Optional]).

How to avail the Refresher Program?
1. Accomplish the online PCO Boracay Group registration form. You can download it at this link: http://bit.ly/PCO-ONLINE-REGISTRATION-FROM

2. Give the Membership fee of Php 200.00  to the PCO Boracay Group Treasurer, Mz. Elvie De la Cruz of G Executive Hotel with contact Number +63 (36) 390-2016 / +63 (36) 288-3300 or see the location on this link: http://bit.ly/G-EXECUTIVE-HOTEL-LOCATION-CONTACT
Since we have announced the membership filing and fee since last year, so, we are giving a deadline for the registration until March 07, 2019 12noon.


1. Bring your own ballpen and notebook
2. Print out and bring your own Module 1-6. Downloadable from PCO Boracay Group Page

3. Copy of Electric bills for the months of December 2018, January and February 2019
4. Copy of Hazwaste Certificate
5. Copy of Permit To Operate
6. Copy of Hazardous Waste number list (ex. HW D406 for busted bulb)
7. Copy of Water bills for the months of December 2018, January and February 2019

We will send an official invitation to your provided email address, kindly confirm your attendance through email.

We look forward to seeing you there!





pco logoPNG


Human Resource: Inclusivity Talk With Future Doctors!

It’s a great pleasure to be part of your experience, from now on, I really believe that you will never forget me either I have good or bad impact on your life as your resource speaker. Thank you for letting me get into your life. And I declare, I am now part of your HISTORY!

The preparation was a great challenge for me in order to give an inspirational and educational message. This speaking engagement is not all about giving you a theory on how things will happen but I am sharing on what is happening on the ground. I know you are molding students and those students are the hope of the future in the name of progress. They will be the future employees or managers of the quality establishments. So, your role is not that easy like other people think, your role is fundamental in the life of your students. Good luck in your profession.

Inclusivity (7)

To all Doctoral Students and especially to Doctor Maribel B. Dunton, DBM-THM, professor, DMgt-THM 802, thank you for inviting me as one of your Resource Speakers on the topic, “Promoting Inclusivity in Human Resource Development during the Seminar on International Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry held on February 24, 2019 at Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. It’s such a great honor to receive a Certificate of Recognition from Central Philippine University (CPU), College of Business and Accountancy, Graduate School on Doctor of Management Major in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Jaro, Iloilo City.

Always remember that if you want to achieve your goal in the company or in your life, you have to have your own “System” and this will be bundled with great positive attitude through implementation. Then, congratulations!

Indeed, life is a matter of perspectives!

-Coach RM-

What is Determination?

Determination Workshop

This photo speaks about sharing of opportunity and success to everyone! 😉

And generally, my opinion is…🙏

Determination: No one can stop you to success! Do not be afraid of failure and those insecure persons around you (inggit langyan). There is always people like that along the way, but remember, they are just 10% of your life, the 90% of your life is being empowered by yourself and you alone can control it.


All I can say for those people who [are always against my way] make me as an apple of their eyes, “WHO YOU!” 🤗🤩hehehe I am thankful that you made me strong, firm and motivated. I am 100% taking care of my way to success. For everybody, please note that success is not just for one (solo) but it should be for everyone. Helping one another will make everything [or all challenges] light and easy!

Let us together aim for success because we are one!


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+Welcome Drink
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Validity: March 31, 2019

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March Madness